Patch 1.1.0 - WebGL and a setup.

Patch 1.1.0 brings a long-awaited in-browser playable version of The Last Thing She Saw! I also made a set-up which installs the game automatically for you. This is arguably more convenient for updating the game files.
Along with that, it also fixes two typos in Stage 6 and Stage 14.

Note that saving is disabled on the WebGL version of the game, and that on a page reload all progress will undergo a hard reset.
I'll be trying to figure out if it is possible to have a save file on the browser version as well in the future. In any case, this save will not share the data from the standalone version.

My sincerest congratulations to anyone who can finish the game 110% (or even 100%) in-browser!
It's downright agonizing in the standalone version already, let alone having to do all of it in one sitting... If you happen to be one of those people, please do let me know!


The Last Thing She Saw Play in browser
Feb 27, 2019
The Last Thing She Saw 16 MB
Feb 27, 2019
The Last Thing She Saw [Setup] 12 MB
Feb 27, 2019

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