Patch 1.0.1 - 110% hot-fix.

I pushed an extremely small hot-fix for the game that won't really matter to any casual players.

This patch fixed the "110% challenge" (the extra challenge after collecting all 21 hearts) to always appear when you enter the main menu.
Previously, this challenge would only appear on the first time the main menu was loaded during a run-time on a save where all 21 hearts were collected, which was not intended behavior.

If you don't want to risk losing your progress (because it doesn't carry over between versions), it's not necessary to update in order to play the 110% challenge, it just makes accessing it slightly more convenient.

Important note for players who have already downloaded the game, regarding save files:
Copying the new files over the already existing files will reset your save file indefinitelySo don't overwrite the old files.
Instead, install the new version in a separate directory and copy over the "StreamingAssests" inside the "The Last Thing She Saw_Data" folder of the old version to the new version. This will ensure the new version will run using your old save. (Also see the added text file in the uploaded .zip)
Apologies for this inconvenience!

As an added note: yes, this is where your save data is stored. No. You shouldn't try mess with it. There's enough anti-cheat prevention written into the game; if the game catches you altering your save, it'll reset your progress, no questions asked.


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Feb 23, 2019

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