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Epik game Snowy, sadly I'm too stupid even finish the push level :( Got stuck on the passage.

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This is awesome Snowy! The puzzles are pretty challenging but super satisfying to complete :D (I'm still stuck on hurdles though xD). The pixel art and music is also great as well. Can't wait to see more!

Also, I don't know if it's intentional but you can push blocks into the level select zone. Honestly I think it's funny and think you should keep it xD


Ay! Thanks for playing, Garrett!

That mechanic is wholly intentional and has been the cause of a ridiculous amount of headache (my programming skills are still sub-par!). I figured people would stumble onto it themselves at some point; wondering whether you just outsmarted the game is exactly what I was going for.

Considering it's a puzzle game, though, everything's a spoiler! So I feel kind of obliged to ask you to remove the image and either edit out the explicit mention of the mechanic, or put it through rot13. I hope you understand!

Thanks again for playing and for the nice words! <3 Good luck with the rest of the game, hope you enjoy it!

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Cool! And sorry about that I'm oblivious, removed the image :D


Who made th BGM?


The BGM in the current version is "Sad Day" by HeatleyBros. It's available for free in the description of this video.

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Cool levels so far, I really enjoyed them! Just a few bugs:

  • Beating 'Panda' leads to a black screen.
  • Beating 'Tower' softlocks the game.

Edit: Fixed in the last patch, thanks!

Thanks for playing! <3

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Tbbq yhpx svaqvat gur svany yriry!

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Some neat levels here! 'More Doors' is particularly fiendish.

If possible, it would be nice to be able to hold down keys to keep moving in that direction and, more importantly, to undo long chains on moves without having to tap the Z button repeatedly. At the moment, the movement feels a tiny bit sluggish and I found myself accidentally nudging things in the wrong direction a few times as a result.

(I don't know if you're familiar with the Puzzlescript engine, but it's designed to make building grid-based puzzle games very rapid, and can be a very useful for prototyping / experimenting with mechanics.)

Look forward to seeing how this develops :)

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! The undo/movement thing is something I'm looking to improve in the near future (if not in a "Push" patch, definitely alongside the release of the next zone).

I'm familiar with Puzzlescript, haven't used it before though. I know it's probably worth learning, but for now I figure it's easier to stick with an engine I'm relatively experienced with.