A downloadable Punimals for Windows

You seem to be trapped in a world, filled with magic. You have lost your memory of how you got here, but you have a strange feeling things might get very bad, very quickly.

Punimals: Revolution is a roguelike dungeon crawler in which you fight enemies which are all based around animals and puns. The game features 175+ unique items, 20+ unique enemies, 12 bosses, 4 enviroments, 7 challenges and tons of unlockables.
This game is made as a remake of the original Punimals, and is the first part of the giant Unstable Update, which will end in the release of Punimals: Unstable Edition in late 2017.

You set out on a quest to find a way out of this magical world, and you have a feeling the only way out is by slaying The Dark Mage, a powerful shadow who corrupts the world. But is he also the cause of the so called 'Unstable Dimension'?

Published Dec 22, 2016
TagsDungeon Crawler, Roguelike


Punimals Revolution 1.1.0 [Setup].exe 48 MB